Sharlene "Sheri" Kennedy is an artist, an educator, and a professional graphic designer turned Creativity Consultant. She founded Art-Think in 1999 to combine her love of painting, her understanding of business challenges, and her passion for health and wellness to make creativity more accessible to people.

Sheri designs her experiential workshops to maximize focus and comprehension by drawing upon a variety of art, mindfulness, and business innovation tools. Workshops are highly customized, but always include the goals of teaching people how to be more productive and contribute more innovative ideas to their workplace, as well as improving participants' state of well-being.

Sheri has a unique combination of experience in corporate and non-profit sectors. She has taught painting classes sponsored by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital, and the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden. In addition to education, Sheri has worked in a variety of start-up and non-profit settings, including biotech and management consulting. She has worked as a community development volunteer in the Peace Corps, a formal and informal educator, an artist in residence, and as a freelance and staff graphic designer.

Sheri's skills and education cover a broad range, including design, painting and drawing, teaching, group facilitation, theory, expressive arts and mindfulness. Sheri holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Connecticut, a Ed.M. in Arts in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and recent coursework from Lesley University.

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Sheri Kennedy

Sheri Kennedy
President and Founder, Art-Think


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