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Harness the extraordinary power of art. Imagine how much more you and your team could accomplish if you could gain control over stress and unleash your whole brain's capacity for creativity, problem-solving, idea-generation and communication. Imagine a steady stream of creativity boosting activities that help you and your colleagues build resilience and focus so you can get the right work done in less time.

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You don't need to be an artist to communicate visually!

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"The workshop provided an opportunity for me to reflect before taking action in a thoughtful way. Most importantly, it provided space and good direcctions to map what's inside my head onto canvas (paper)." - Peter S., Candidate, MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation, OCAD University


Typical Length/Frequency

Key Benefits


Half to full day,
8 weeks

  • Combo of team time and drop-in allows maximum participation.
  • Frequency allows creative process to help solve deep-seated, sticky problems
  • Frequent visitors lock in learning through practice
  • Allows idea cross-pollination

3-hour to full day

  • Customized to meet team and company goals
  • Learn and practice stress-reduction techniques to build resilience
  • Reconnect many parts of the brain
  • Learn to engage visual thinking to communicate more fully
  • Learn and practice creative problem solving and brainstorming in a new way

1 hour to full day

  • Juice up a regular team meeting to increase engagement
  • Spark a wider variety of ideas in larger quantity
  • Benefit from everyone's whole-brain input
  • Learn new communication tools

45 minute to 1.5 hours

  • Provides a foundation for the need for creativity in the workplace and in life
  • Creates "buzz" for upcoming workshop or residency

30 minute to 1 hour

  • Introduction to core topics of interest
  • Builds excitement for upcoming workshop or residency

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly

  • Enhance your intranet communicatoins with creative tips, challenges, videos and informative content
  • Reinforce learning
  • Share inspirations and outcomes


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