Art-Think values:
Creativity heals.
Everyone is creative; companies, organizations and the world need everyone’s creative input.
Creating art taps into parts of the brain not often accessed in a way that makes creative thinking flow.

Art-Think mission:
The mission of Art-Think is to offer customized, creative, art-making experiences that help people access their innate capacities for innovation, productivity and wellness. Workshops will be offered on-site to professional employees of innovative companies that value their employees as a critical competitive edge.

Art-Think inspiration:
The idea for Art-Think has evolved out of the founder's 20 years’ experience working in a variety of workplaces. Sheri has witnessed very smart people get “stuck” doing the same type of work in the same way out of habit or circumstance, when they have the knowledge and skill to create breakthrough innovations if they only had the time to step back and see the work in a different way. Sheri hopes that Art-Think creativity workshops will help people “till the soil” of their creative thinking by providing ongoing experiences designed to energize the brain in unique ways, reduce stress, and connect mind and body.

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