The hardest question for me to answer is "what kind of art do you do?" My work changes gradually but constantly, and if it is not changing, I feel I am not putting enough of myself into it. My art reflects my experiences, and I have been fortunate to have experienced a broad range of places and people. Currently, I work most often in acrylic, sometimes picking up watercolor or oil pastels for hiking trips when I need lighter-weight materials. My subjects are usually things in the natural world - landscapes, seascapes, animals and still life. I have also painted portraits and abstract pieces, and I am planning a series of paintings that reflect my Peace Corps experience in West Africa. The moods, colors and brushstrokes I use are all in response to the subject matter.

I recently read that Georgia O'Keefe learned printmaking as a way to make her art affordable. The Giclée prints I have included on this site are my answer to this idea. I don't have the space to take up printmaking, but using today's digital technology, I can offer affordable reproductions of my paintings that are extremely close to the original in color and sharpness, and the materials are durable and long-lasting.

Giclée prints are high quality digital reproductions. Each print is carefully examined for quality and color correctness by the artist. They come on heavy, photo-quality paper. The artist's signature appears on each print. Large prints are rolled, unmounted, and shipped in shipping tubes unless otherwise specified. Small prints are shipped flat.

To inquire about commissions or to be the first to hear about live art shows, please send your name and email address to info at art-think dot com.

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